Sedona- who has lost both her parents, in a constant struggle for survival, innocent, trying to mind her own business, but finds no relief from the male dominant society.

Sedona’s brother- Who fails to understand his own sister and the sacrifices she has made for him.

Diyonis- Who gets carried away by a strange feeling that caught him by surprise, who finds love by being unfaithful to his wife, who becomes a victim ultimately.

Welegedara Akka- Who manages to stay calm even after finding out that her most dreadful fears are true, who asks her husband only to not to deceive two women.

Babanis- Who is dedicated to his unrequited love and does not care anything else.


Director           Premakumara Jayawardena,
Producer         Wasanthi Chathurani
Cast                 Asanthi Chathurani, Jayalath Manoratna, Kaushalya Fernando, Anula Bulathsinhala, Sarath Kotthalawala, Jayani Senanayaka, Rodney Warnakula.
Category         Drama
Duration         460 mnts
Format           PAl Colour
Language      Sinhala

Written by Sumithra Rahubadda.